June 19, 2010

Melody Murdock Garment 1

Black fabric covered Buttons will be added to the red strip down the skirt as well as under the bust

I am not really a fan of the beginning steps in design process. I do not always sketch due to the fact that I find it time consuming and I commonly change my mind 13 times. However for this project I sketched all 15+ looks for the collection first. Then I went shopping for materials. Having a limited budget at the moment the material is not on the top of my list and I am working outside of my color comfort zone, Blue. While shopping I picked a print to use in limited doses to tie the different looks together. However when I go into this garment the print went out the window and I went back to my original thought to color block and use buttons as a cohesive factor. Only time will tell if this look remains in the final line up but it is a start none the less.
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