July 28, 2011

Shoulder Seams Butterick 5519

How to construct this dress (Butterick 5519) with out hand tacking the shoulder seams.
The steps are fantastic through step 12. Then things have to be adjusted to complete the shoulder seams in a different manner.
13. Pin and stitch the front and back (both fashion fabric and lining) along shoulder seams. Press

14. Right sides together align fashion fabric and lining along neckline, and armseyes; matching shoulder seams, princess seams and notches. Stitch neckline and armseyes. Reinforce stitching, add additional stitching less than ⅛” into SA.
I always recommend a reinforcement stitch. Reinforcement stitching is done be decreasing your machine setting thus increasing your SPI (Stitches Per inch)

15. Trim SA to reinforcement stitching line. Clip to relieve curves.

16. To Turn the garment right side out: from front pull back sections between necking and armseye stitching, between the lining and fashion fabric layers.

17. With the side seams still open Understitch and press along neckline and armseyes.

18. Align RTS both side seams. Pin and Stitch entire sides from hem of fashion fabric to hem of lining.

19. Press seams open and press lining to inside at under arm.
From this point you may finish with a center back zipper, the center back seam and the hem. And you will have a perfectly clean armseye and fully lined dress!

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  1. Fantastic, I should have just continued to newer posts to see the results :-)


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