December 23, 2011

McCalls 5749 Crafty Dress

McCall’s 5749 date: 2009. View C Dress.
Materials: 2 yards poly silk Dupioni, 1 yard acetate lining fabric, 1 invisible Zipper
I had some poly silk Dupioni kicking around from Jo-Ann. I had made this purchase with the idea that it would be made into table cloths, yep not so much. So why not kick out a dress from the projectless fabric? I decided to use the wrong side of the fabric due to the immense shine of the right side. This yields more texture as well as some matte.
I enjoyed how the bodice was constructed it was clean, finished and yet still easy to produce. My pattern issue was with the skirt. Like most patterns it was intended to be unlined. Of course I wanted it lined to the hem band!

Even the wrong side has shine, it is not blinding however.
I added the lining prior to pleating, to the bottom of the pleat facing enclosing the raw edge. I edge finished around the two plys of the skirt: where the zip will be inserted and the hem that will be gathered into the hem band. 

skirt and skirt lining with serge
Next I edge finished the bodice at the bottom because it will lie inside the dress as the pleats will be sewn on the outside of the bodice.

bodice with lower serge
Now on to those pleats……..

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