January 29, 2012

Crazy Color Cynthia Rowley Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2281

I went color crazy. I have absolutely no rhyme or reason for doing do. The fabric has been kicking around my stash for at least a year. I remember purchasing it in the clearance section during an additional sale and thinking this print is mad (you may take that as good or bad, I am still not sure either). I had the intent to use it as a coat lining however like most of my project concepts that went by the wayside and the material went to live in a bin. I have been digging Simplicity’s Cynthia Rowley pattern collection as of late. I love the use of asymmetrical darts and gathers that are laced throughout the patterns. On this pattern I decided to up the ante, I knew I wanted to use the waistband applique detail. I had assumed the applique would be a good project to repurpose some fabric scraps from prior projects and then was struck by the crazy notion that this print would be a good idea too. I have yet to confirm nor deny this as rational thought.

Back neckline tie

About that waistband applique: I am NOT a fan of fashion garment fronts and plain garment backs. I know it is commonplace and reasonably acceptable but I personally feel that it is a mass merch Cop-out. I can see when there may be a time when they are necessary, garment costing and the like. However I get the joy and burden of making this garment and can add and subtract to my flights of fancy, and I did. I duplicated the applique pieces and adjusted the size for the waistline back; I ended with a continuous waistband. In the future I will only use the waistband applique if I am using a solid color, I am fairly certain that this is a common rule but at least I will never be caught in the same dress as someone else!

Inside Garment View

Side placket zip from inside
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