January 6, 2012

Modern Sewing Pattern McCall's 6278

McCall's 6278 Date: 2011. Dress view C with view A hem band. I thought it would be fun to play with construction point turns and pivots in this color blocked dress. it was fun at first then I was so over it as the dress was fully lined and the acetate lining was not nearly as willing to pivot, clip and turn as the stretch cotton fashion fabric.

Inside Garment View

How to stitch corner seams
A Guide to Fashion Sewing (4th Edition) Connie Amaden-Crawford

A Guide to Fashion Sewing (4th Edition) Connie Amaden-Crawford


  1. Hello Melody, I'm having the hardest time figuring out how to pin the sides sections together. Would you happen to have any pictures of that step?

    1. Hello Derricka. Sorry, I do not have photos, but above I added text photos of how to stitch corner seams. I am assuming that the issue is where the angled insets (purple fabric) meet the body(patterned fabric). I remember this being a challenge. The best way to accomplish the pointed corner seam is to first stay stitch the body (patterned fabric) along the angled corners, line up the seams of the inset and body pieces and clip to the corners of the body as you stitch and turn the corners.


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