January 5, 2012

New Year New Brother Project Runway Machine

This is my new lockstitch, she is lovely! Brother Project Runway 5234PRW Serger  
Since she came home I have made 3 cardigan-jackets (below) and started a dress or two.
I was asked to recreate a favorite garment in red for a friend. Her fav cardigan-jacket was purchased from Chico's and could no longer be purchased.
The first 2 in the print jackets were samples that I used to work out some construction kinks.  Although the construction turned out not to be the issue, the issue was the cutting placement. The front drape on both sides are cut on the fold, thus a lot of fabric is occupied by a funny shape. Thus when I cut the first (pick #1), I first cut the back piece on the fold and lost room in the 3 yards for both front drapes. Working solution smaller front drape? I think it gives a nice alternative.

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