January 10, 2012

Sewing Garment Separates Red Skirt and Project Runway Blouse

McCall's 5590 - Skirt View B.
The skirt is made in a red cotton twill fabric. In my first concept for this garment I did not incorporate the piping.
I planned to use the buttons as the pattern calls for them but, as I was beginning construction... I could not visualize this mass of red with two little black buttons.

At first I had the idea to pipe around the waistband tabs. However I decided that this would be too bulky at the side seam right at the waist and no lady wants that. So I concluded to pipe the side seams as well as the top edge held by the facing.

As for the blouse: I made it last spring it is Simplicity Project Runway Pattern 2612. I loved the full flutter gathered sleeve. It is made in a flower printed cotton lawn with vintage 70’s buttons.

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