May 28, 2012

True Blue Simplicity Project Runway Sewing Pattern 1881

Simplicity Project Runway 1881 date: 2011
Misses' knit dress in  short (knee) length with View B Bodice variation; neckline curved banding.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
I am highly impressed with the outcome. The style lines are just as anticipated. I really enjoy the curved midriff.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
I tend not to follow instructions. And in this case I should have. I wanted to make the version with the flutter sleeves but as I was sewing I forgot. Note to self: Read the instructions. That being said I love this variation, I can add a cover up cardigan or jacket for cool night wear. If it had the sleeves I would not have been able to layer.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

As I was sewing found that the pattern notches were NOT lining up. This was also shifting were the seams were meeting adjoining pieces. You can see my construction woes.
Fabric Used:
Printed blue stretch Polyester/Lycra Knit via Fabric Mart
Additional Materials:
2 buttons 
14” Navy Conventional Zip
Interfacing – Knit for midriff and neck band as well as non woven 2” wide for hem stability
Heat fusible webbing

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
To yield a nice shapely hem, I serged interfacing to the hem allowance cut edge then I pressed the hem up and used web fusing to secure the fabric while stitching the hem. Poly knit tends to pucker under the presser foot this hem process prevented the puckering while adding shape to the hemline.

I also added interfacing strips to seam allowance where the zip was to be inserted. As well as hand basted my zipper to ensure that the knit fabric did not pucker along my machine stitching lines

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I highly recommend the pattern, like all Project Runway patterns it has many possible options in one envelope. More than likely I will not make it again as I personally tend not to wear halter necks.

Perfect summer weather frock!

Inside waistband

Inside neck facing

Inside Zipper

Inside Garment View

May 22, 2012

Sewing Winter Coats in 80 Degree Weather

Simplicity Project Runway 2311 date: 2010. View B: Short Coat with double breast
Materials: 3 ½ yards leopard print faux fur, 2 ½ Yards lime green polished cotton, 5 vintage buttons

Confession: As a sewing junky I tend to keep a full box of pre cut projects. Some days I really want to cut fabric so I just cut and stash in the box. I also have other days when I just want to sew and hate the idea of having to cut first. Therefore my system works wonderfully.
This is one of those moments. Due to the move I have been unable to sew and I was dying for a moment and space to whip up a great project. So the moment I had my sewing space in functioning order, I reached for the box at the top were the myriad pieces of this jacket. And the next thing I knew I had constructed a great fall/winter weather coat in 80 degree weather! Here in the bread basket of America summer is in full bloom so needless to say I will not be wearing this soon.

Back Tab Alteration
Button Challenges: I only had 5 of the same vintage button; I needed 6. I had to find a way to make the style work. Solution, alter the back belt construction so it looks like the missing button was intentional.

Front Buttons
Also I had an issue with the thickness (due to the pile and interfacing) where the button holes were intended to be. Solution, I elected to have a functioning snap closure with the buttons placed on the outside for visual appeal.

Big and Bold Front Collar

Cute Back
Extra Bits: I found great vintage coat hanging chains at a yard sale, I added the gold one to the inside neck.

Vintage Notions Coat Hanging Chain

Inside Garment View
Now I am just waiting for a cool day to pull her out and rock this town.

May 3, 2012

Remade David's Bridal Jacket Custom Sewing

My last project in the mitten was a jacket recreation.

The David's Bridal Jacket to be remade
The jacket was requested in a color way it is not produced in, pink. 

Melody Sews Remake
Obstacles: I am in the process of moving and have limited sewing room tools. I realized too late that I packed my pressing ham, Ooops. Solution, make do without.
My ironing board had already boarded a truck for the 500 mile trip. Solution, barrow one.
Materials: The fabric was ordered in yards yet, the lining was not. I had to use a discarded dress for the lining. Thus I had to work around seams and curves in the dress lining to piece together enough “fabric yardage” to line the jacket. Solution, make it work.

Materials: 2 yards of fabric and a slashed dress for lining

Front neck

Back neck
Outcome: all in all, not too shabby. If I had more time and also invested more effort into the project, I would have finessed the sleeve pattern. I was able to copy the lining onto a pattern. But then when I drafted the outer sleeve I did not bother to remove the ease thus too much ease in the sleeve. I was happy with the collar and the facing and the lining was ok.

Inside View

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