May 3, 2012

Remade David's Bridal Jacket Custom Sewing

My last project in the mitten was a jacket recreation.

The David's Bridal Jacket to be remade
The jacket was requested in a color way it is not produced in, pink. 

Melody Sews Remake
Obstacles: I am in the process of moving and have limited sewing room tools. I realized too late that I packed my pressing ham, Ooops. Solution, make do without.
My ironing board had already boarded a truck for the 500 mile trip. Solution, barrow one.
Materials: The fabric was ordered in yards yet, the lining was not. I had to use a discarded dress for the lining. Thus I had to work around seams and curves in the dress lining to piece together enough “fabric yardage” to line the jacket. Solution, make it work.

Materials: 2 yards of fabric and a slashed dress for lining

Front neck

Back neck
Outcome: all in all, not too shabby. If I had more time and also invested more effort into the project, I would have finessed the sleeve pattern. I was able to copy the lining onto a pattern. But then when I drafted the outer sleeve I did not bother to remove the ease thus too much ease in the sleeve. I was happy with the collar and the facing and the lining was ok.

Inside View

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