May 22, 2012

Sewing Winter Coats in 80 Degree Weather

Simplicity Project Runway 2311 date: 2010. View B: Short Coat with double breast
Materials: 3 ½ yards leopard print faux fur, 2 ½ Yards lime green polished cotton, 5 vintage buttons

Confession: As a sewing junky I tend to keep a full box of pre cut projects. Some days I really want to cut fabric so I just cut and stash in the box. I also have other days when I just want to sew and hate the idea of having to cut first. Therefore my system works wonderfully.
This is one of those moments. Due to the move I have been unable to sew and I was dying for a moment and space to whip up a great project. So the moment I had my sewing space in functioning order, I reached for the box at the top were the myriad pieces of this jacket. And the next thing I knew I had constructed a great fall/winter weather coat in 80 degree weather! Here in the bread basket of America summer is in full bloom so needless to say I will not be wearing this soon.

Back Tab Alteration
Button Challenges: I only had 5 of the same vintage button; I needed 6. I had to find a way to make the style work. Solution, alter the back belt construction so it looks like the missing button was intentional.

Front Buttons
Also I had an issue with the thickness (due to the pile and interfacing) where the button holes were intended to be. Solution, I elected to have a functioning snap closure with the buttons placed on the outside for visual appeal.

Big and Bold Front Collar

Cute Back
Extra Bits: I found great vintage coat hanging chains at a yard sale, I added the gold one to the inside neck.

Vintage Notions Coat Hanging Chain

Inside Garment View
Now I am just waiting for a cool day to pull her out and rock this town.
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