January 4, 2013

1950's Petticoat Junction

What do you get from 12 yards of tulle, re purposed grosgrain ribbon, lots of bias binding and a weird home dec sheer fabric? As it turns out a petticoat.
Q: Melody, why do you need a petticoat?
A: I am making this:

Simplicity 1153 from 1955
See that skirt? This dame needs a petti. In the instructions one is to add tulle to the skirt but what if I want a skirt lining and want to finish it with a M.Murdock hem, that is a bit excessive in the realm of fabric layers to also add tulle. So a detached hem was my solution.

Q: So how are you gong to do that with a drop waist... girl?
A: Adjust another 1950's pattern. This one for a lovely slip and/ or petticoat:

Vintage Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2423

Now I have a plan of attack. Next I aquired 12 yards of tulle. I also found a fabric from my stash(!), a home dec fabric, it is sheer and yet still stable enough to support any additional gathered layers topstitched to it. Now I need to find a easy method of gathering. I recalled that my lover, my Brother serger had a gathering foot that a girl could purchase. I set out to aquire the foot, after a long amout of internet hunting I found that the cheapest I could get said foot was for $60 (+shippping). Well add time to wait for it to arrive and panic set in. Alas I recalled that a selling point for this over priced beaut was the included gathering foot (plus the rollled hem among other things). If I already own this $60 piece of metal why oh why have I not attempted to use it? So after 30 minutes for hunting in every known nook of my home I struck gold!
So now I had to find out how to use it. This was actually painless at this point of insense hide and seek. I cut a scrap of netting and dug up some seam binding....and the imposible happened; gathers were made.

I felt like I might be getting somewhere on this petticoat. so I fed my seger the tulle strips and seam binding and it spit out in a matter of minutes evenly spaced tulle layers ready to be attached to my petti base! Oh my, that much tulle really piles up on the machine bed.

And in the end...I made a petticoat.

I added a former Grosgrain ribbon belt to now be the waistband...Recycled.
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