January 13, 2013

Vintage 1955 Simplicity Sewing Pattern 1153 Update

I have been stitching away at my Simplicity 1153 circa 1955.
Look at these pleats. 4 yard pleated skirt...what was I thinking?

As it turns out shoving my 30+ year old modern body shape into a 1950's silhouette is at times devastating.
I planned for my broad shoulders and planned for thicker midsection and some how ended up way too big (I have also dropped weight which I did not plan for). I now must taper the bodice while maintaining additional room for my shoulder width.

At this point I feel as if I might be entering the almost done territory.
Still to complete:
Shorten the straps (mind you I must open up all my handy work and redo them by hand).
Hand pick the zip.
Tack the lining to the skirt.
Add hook & eye.
Fix the petticoat (it will not maintain its shape under the weight of the skirt)
Also I need to find a necklace. How about this?
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