January 23, 2013

Vogue Sewing Pattern 8280

Vogue 8280 View A
So I guess I love this silhouette. Something about a nipped in waist on a dress is so appealing to me. It might have something to do with the fact that I DO NOT have a torso (Me = tiny torso syndrome), thus I attempt to create a waist at all costs.

I did create the belt for Vogue 8280 in the purple contrast fabric I just neglected to photograph it.
That being said I will let you know that this dress was fun to construct. The contrast front armscye piece comes around from the shoulder seams to meet and tuck into the side seams under the arm!

So then when I was all done sewing my super fun dress I finally tried it on... bad news bears. I the shaped neckline was WAY too low and the armscye too big. My tiny torso was now causing me to do post construction alterations? I am well aware of my faults and tend to plan for them prior to cutting my patterns. My common shoulder alt is to cut the shoulder seam at a size 12 and the rest of the pattern at a size 14. Did this with this Vogue pattern too, however in this case it did not work. I had to move the shoulder stitching line an additional 5/8" from the first stitching line! I shaved out an additional 1 1/4" on top of the first 3/4" on each armscye. Crazy, I wonder if this is a common Vogue adjustment or just a fluke of this design?
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