February 9, 2013

Mad Men Dress Challenge 2 I'm in

Over at Julia Bobbin amazing things are happening.. the second coming of the Mad Men Dress challenge.

Find a dress from Mad Men that you love and create your own version. It doesn't have to be an exact copy, you can just be inspired by the style.

Did you see the wonderful and inspiring past work?
I love Mad Men, I love to sew... that is what they call a Win Win, right?

Sew what to make?
I have narrowed down to my top three:

1. Megan Draper Zou Bisou Bisou black cocktail dress

a solid black micro mini with rhinestone trimmed neckline, acordian pleated chiffon bell sleeves.

2. Megan's houndstooth day dress

A double breasted coat dress in a mid scale houndstooth with pointed collar and goddet skirt.

3. Betty Draper's Italian LBD

This dress needs not words....When in Rome...
Sew what is a girl to make for the Mad Men Dress Challenge 2?

February 7, 2013

Marc Jacobs Houndstooth is Vintage Sewing Pattern Simplicity 7535

After the last two projects in my beloved Marc Jacobs fabric, I was almost out of fabric!? I was down to half a yard and some random scrap pieces. But somehow I decided I would not be content if I did not use every last square inch of this fabric, thus I set out to use it up.

I chose a vintage frock pattern in a fun mod design, Simplicity 7535. It had all I could ask for: color blocking... the upper dress front is cut of contrasting fabric in the third view and therefore limited fabric yardage requirements.

After a dry layout of out my pattern I realized I could stretch my fabric usage further if I blocked the back pieces too. I liked this as it also added back garment interest opposed to a basic flat dress back. I split my pattern back under the fish eye darts and attempted to meet the color block at the side seam. I will say that the matchup is not perfect but it works for me. I also elected to lengthen my sleeve to use up as much fabric as possible and also cause I like to hide my arms.
I did well with my MJH fabric and I love my pieces. And I would have to say that I used close to 96% of my purchased yardage. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

February 3, 2013

Marc Jacobs Houndstooth is Project Runway Simplicity Sewing Pattern 1781

I do not know if the zip led me to the next Marc Jacobs Houndstooth project or if I just wanted to color block...
or if I really just liked this pattern.
Project Runway Simplicity 1781

Misses' jacket with collar variations. Closure an exposed zipper.
I thought this might be another great way to show off my beloved Marc Jacobs Houndstooth.

On the envelope you do not notice the neat seaming and I though my fabric might get lost or scrambled amongst the piecing so color block!

Like the last project I was attempting to only use notions in my stash leading to a way too long zip so why not extend the zip around the neckline?

Down side to this project... too much ease. I would have like the jacket to be fitted I wish I had the foresight in the project. Which it only means I will have to make a cool jacket again right?

February 1, 2013

Marc Jacobs Houndstooth is Project Runway Simplicity Sewing Pattern 1776

Have you ever loved a fabric?
Well with this Marc Jabobs houndstooth it was love at first sight.
It is no secret that I tend to love a good houndstooth case in point the POP Collection.

So that may have started the spark. But I also love the blue which is out of my confort zone; I tend to not wear blue. Somehow I found it conforting that I could actually wear this blue because of the black combo.

So I purchased 3 1/2 yards of the fabric (I found it at Fabric Mart in the super sale section some time ago, I also love a good deal). When it arrived it felt wonderful, thick and lux and our love became tactile!
So the first thing I whipped up was Simplicity Project Runway 1776.

Misses' lined A-line dress has square neckline, 3/4 sleeves. I decided to add an exposed zip because it was in my stash. I liked the solid black banded neckline but overall I thought the dress would work because it was all about my loved fabric.
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