March 3, 2013

Concept Mad Men Dress Challenge 2

Any excuse to get me to thumb through my pattern stash is always welcome. Thanks to the Mad Men Dress Challenge #2 I dug up this goodie: Simplicity 6783 from 1966. I also took a moment to draw out Megan's cocktail dress and get a concept for how I plan to proceed in my pattern alterations. I an currently planning to use the basic dress from the Simplicity vintage pattern. I will have to alter the sleeves, draft the cuffs and neckband.
I also stumbled upon a article about the dress from The Hollywood Reporter.

Can you believe the pleated sleeves were not original; they appear so natural like they were meant to be. That is the magic of clothing design, dressmaking and costume the possibilities are endless and the littlest detail can make a world of difference. Yet as much as I love the pleated chiffon sleeves I do not currently have pleated fabric in my stash however I do have a bit of plain black chiffon and opposed to pleating it myself I may just elect to "lazy-like" make it just like the original.

I am entertaining the idea of seaming the dress at the empire line. I also plan to lengthen the neckband as well as the cuffs just as a personal preference also I am electing to omit the rhinestones from the original dress.

Speaking of the original dress take a look at this old Etsy listing of the exact vintage dress in all its glory. Too cool. Wish me luck Mad Men Dress Challenge #2 here I come. 

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