April 19, 2013

Polar Leopard Dress Butterick Sewing Pattern 5521

Have you ever experienced the glee haze of just finishing a project and anticipating its wear?
Well I have to say that I can not recall the last time I experienced that.
And then the last 24 hours....
I have flipped past Butterick pattern 5521 in my stash for quite some time. And this lovely obnoxious graphic polar leopard stretch woven cotton has resided in a bucket since the day I acquired it. Somehow the earth moved and the pattern and fabric found one another (Actually I had cut three patterns in a row last week with the theme of print color blocking.. if I get around to both constructing and blogging the others, time will tell).
Yesterday I kicked this pattern out. It was pre-cut but total construction time was less than 4 hours.
Also the pattern was a dream to construct.
It is fully lined, my favorite.
It contains both convex and concave seaming and thus stay stitching, more favorites.
By Project Runway time (8 p.m.), I was finished and fitting myself for the zip.
I snapped an Instagram declaring, "Look at my sad pic of me fitting myself for the zip over my lounge clothes. Just kicked this out but.. is 7am too soon to wear it? #sewing"

Quickly I added the zip, tacked the final touches and steamed for the a.m.
When I woke I was just as excited to put on. I did but found myself slightly apprehensive, the Butterick cover shows the garments in solids only so this could have ended badly. But I love it, and I rocked it, which may or may not be because I am a little obnoxious in my clothing choices as is. I received a lot of glances in this little Midwest city but by 9 a.m. a woman, out of no where called out, "That is a fantastic dress!" humbly I bit my tongue to say I made it and replied, "Why, thank you."

Added bonus design is awesome
I have a tiny torso it has a waistline, check mate.
The stellar black "wings" give the ultimate silhouette illusion, secretly slender.
Now the dirty details, if you make this add interfacing to the neckline to maintain the shape. My right neckline point curls to the inside it was irritating.
When was the last time you were so excited to wear a project? Do you wear them immediately?

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