April 29, 2013

Grey Gardens Additional Post Sewing Quick Pics

And finally the last set of my Instagram sewn goods.
I went through a phase of exclusively stitching grey garments for almost 2 weeks.
Butterick 5637 Sundress:

Butterick 5782 copycat. I should  I wear this for MMM '13. It looks just like the pattern envelope shot!
Note that my Butterick Retro dress is almost complete in the background.

Butterick 5277 (Out of Print) This is a lovely linen dress which I wore the dress to work however I was so sad by the end of the day due to the extreme wrinkles.

Simplicity 1880 Project Runway I even added the buttons!

 McCalls 6611 Fashion Star
I wore this jacket over a sequined shell and the crocking of the sequins against the burgundy facing caused the fibers to pill I was so disappointed.

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  1. Amazing dresses! Too bad the plaid dress get wrinkles, because it's so beautiful.

    Btw would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin?
    Just let me know :)

    Visit the RmH SHOP


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