April 16, 2013

I Make a Better Instagramer Than Blogger

After I finally noticed that I did not post about my 1955 dress, see last post, it occurred to me that I am in fact constantly sewing something.
More times than not I am constantly sewing many things, yet if you happen upon my blog it would appear that I am rarely sewing, turns out if you happen upon my Instagram you might say this girl posts a lot of sewing pics.
So why the discrepancy? I have no attention span I sew and move on and Instagram is the best snap a quick pic and go on to the next project.
Why don't we look at some of them:
1. A Butterick dress

2. Simplicity 2444 Project Runway

3. McCall's 6602 Fashion Star

4. McCall's 6646

Do you also sew like crazy and not show anyone? What is your sewing to blogging ratio?
What about Instagram, do you love it? Is your Instagram filled with sewing projects cause I would like to follow you.
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