April 1, 2013

Mad Men Dress Challenge 2 update

As of yet it may not look like much as of but I have finished draping my Med Men Sewing challenge dress!

Can you believe that I am only using fabrics from my stash for this project! I guess it is not such a strech as its a black dress but I am pretty pleased as the last thing I need to do is purchase more fabrics and notions.
At first I really wanted to create a replica of the lovely Zou Bisou Bisou dress seen here:

But upon getting further involved in the project I thought it would be fun and challenging to slightly moderize the mod look.

This led me to change the A-line shilouette to a more body sculpted torso, hip and hem. And I added a triangular back cutout.
Seam Lines:

So I am set to cut and sew can I have it done by Sunday? Wish me luck.

p.s. Maybe next year I can make this dress!
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