May 20, 2013

Am I mad to Make Two Project Runway Simplicity 1799

Every time I get set to cut a Project Runway pattern from Simplicity I have the hardest time choosing just one variation.
First and foremost there are so many design options; between the bodice and skirt and sleeves and even yokes. Then there are the details: trim, ruffles, ties, buttons, topstitching, and bands.
More times than not I end up cutting 2 variations from the envelope. It is amazing to see how different each look is from the other. This is what happened with Simplicity 1799.
Today I wore my flouncy version for Me-Made-May.

This lovely dress is made from a rayon that was underlined, except for the side skirt flounces and sleeves. I elected to underline it to give some stability. In the end this decision worked well however it added so many steps to the construction process as well as some intense solutions to unforeseen fabric issues.
One of the amazing qualities of this light weight rayon is its drape and soft hand, perfect for flounces. Not so perfect qualities when pared with a stiffer lining that has been cut to form to the shape of the body. When I was attempting to match the side panels with out many inner seam allowances to rub against the body, the outer rayon layer would droop along the side gathering at the hip. My solution was to stitch in the ditch along the side seams holding the rayon layer to the lining. In the future I will only flatline rayon which I feel deserves structure. (Flatlining - fashion fabric and lining fabric are treated as one fabric; opposed to  constructing the garment and the lining separately and then stitching them together.)
Inner Garment View:

My second view of Simplicity 1799 was less successful. I have yet to actually wear it, I threw it on for picture comparison.
After the pic it ended up in the donation box to find a new home to love it. 
Technically there is nothing wrong with the dress, just that I will never wear it. Mainly because it is unlined and makes me feel exposed and in dire need of Spanx. I will say it again, "I am my own worse critic."

Have you made more than one dress at a time from on Project Runway pattern, or am I alone in this madness?
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