May 16, 2013

Geometric Print Color-block Dress for Me-Made-May Goes Directly to Alterations

Today for Me-Made-May I threw on Simplicity 1803.
All should have been well; I nabbed quite a few compliments at work  but over all I was uncomfortable in the dress. Do not get me wrong, I love the dress and I have high hopes that it will become my favorite dress with some tweaks. The lovely geometric print rayon is a wonderful spring/summer fabric.
It is too cute for words:

But in order to wear it I had to cover up the cute details with a cardigan. This is due to:

  1. I am very apprehensive to show off my arms.  I know there really is no logical/ rational reasoning all I can saw is, "As women, we are our own worst critics."  
  2. There is a cute open cutout above the bust which was the entire reason I was drawn to the pattern. I found that the cutout is a little too gaping for my personal comfort level. 
  3. As darling as the little cap sleeves are I fell that I will never wear it without wanting to cover it up with such short sleeves. 

Lesson learned, I can not sew by the seat of my pants, I need sewing foresight. I am currently digging through my scrap fabric tote hoping for enough to redo the sleeves. If and when I remodel the sleeves I am also going to close up some of the bust gap. Also while I am there I am also going to shorten the hem; with longer sleeves it may become matronly with a long hem too.
Have you ever worn a Me-Made and found immediate alterations? 


  1. I would buy that pattern for the cute cut-out above the bust only to make it and realise it showed a bit more than I would like! If you can't find any fabric to close up the gap, maybe you could put some sheer navy (or is it black?) fabric under the gap?

  2. I know right, those cut outs are so sneaky! Putting a sheer underlay is a fantastic idea, thank you.

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