May 6, 2013

Navy Blue Cynthia Rowley Dress and Jacket Me-Made-May

This dress is the second most comfortable dress I have ever made. The first being my adaption of  Cynthia Rowley Simplicity pattern 2054 (I made it in a grey double knit that feels like a stretchy scuba suit).
Both the dress and jacket are from now out of print Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2443

I made the dress in an athletic knit, like that of men's golf polos. I love and hate the fabric; love how soft the hand is and how well it breaths in the summer, hate the fact that every fuzz and thread clipping clings to the surface.
That being said, I came across the RTW version of this dress a while back at a TJ Maxx. I was not impressed; it was a solid color (vivid blue) in a harsh/stiff (READ: would not wash well) double knit. I guess that is just one of the perks of being your own seamstress.
Cynthia Rowley's  Women's Double Knit Racer-Back Dress:

I do like the length of the RTW dress I may need to revisit the hem of my garment. 

I am very happy that I used a contrasting waistband and yoke/strap. The solid color dress is great  and even Simplicity showed it in one fabric in but I worked really hard on those curves where the dress meets the yoke, the contrast shows off the seaming. 

The jacket was made in a navy pattern twill with a solid blue twill contrast. Jacket construction consisted of: ribbons, pockets, d-rings, bands, plackets, flaps, binding and what ever else I forgot. Let me just say it was sewing gluttony, I do not recommend the pattern if you are looking for a quick project. 

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