June 3, 2013

Abstract Floral McCall's 6695

Me-Made-May is over (sad face) yet somehow I was still able to make a dress and actually wear it (insert pat on the back).
I completed McCall's 6695 View D. I made the dress in a abstract floral printed crepe de chine. Although the dress calls for slightly more substantial fabrics such as poplin, sateen and cotton blends, I found the loose and drapey crepe de chine to work like magic.

When I cut this pattern for some unknown reason I only cut my fashion fabric. The dress is fully lined but I did not cut lining. I have no idea what I was thinking; either I did not realize I needed the lining or I was trying to get away with not lining this dress(however that does not sound like me, but one never knows). I back tracked and cut lining and then the garment construction was fairly simple. 
I ran into a bump in the road when I got to the strange markings on the bodice front (left & right) and the bodice back (l & r). It was a slashed stitching marking that merely stated "stitching line."
bizarre pattern markings 
 I was perplexed as to how I was to stitch. As it turns out a tuck runs from the bodice front waistband continuing into top stitching at the neckline and then back into a tuck at the back neckline to the bodice back waistband. 
line drawing of the infamous tuck
This tuck is made after the fashion fabric and the lining are attached, turned and pressed at the neckline. 
I found that stitching in the ditch at the bodice (front & back) seamline was an excellent way to keep the lining and fashion fabric aligned for the tuck. 
bodice seam where stitching in the ditch occurred 
Next the the bodice is folded and pinned to stitch the tuck in place.
pinned for stitching
stitched tuck 
Lastly the bodice is opened back out and the tuck is pressed. You can just barley see how the stitching continues up around the shoulder.
finished tuck 
In the end I am very glad the dress is lined without the dress would be much to light for my linking. 


  1. I LOVE that fabric! Very pretty dress!

  2. Hi, I love your blog so I've nominated you for an award. http://thewardrobesurgeon.wordpress.com/2013/06/08/the-liebster-award/


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