June 14, 2013

Emergency Custom Sewing: Bridesmaid Dresses

It's a rare occasion when my skill set saves the day. But it just so happened that such an occasion presented itself.
 A friend, co-worker and soon to be bride was struck with an unfortunate case of wedding bad luck. Three weeks to her big day the local bridal shop where she ordered her bridesmaid dresses contacted her to inform her that they were not able to fulfill her order as the manufacture of the dresses had gone out of business. Hearing this I offered my services, well actually, I imposed.
Conquering feat of these 4 dresses within the time frame harks back to my college days of fashion shows and I love the challenge.
My bride requested her original dress style:
However my bride was unable to get her desired colors: Tiffany Blue with a Champagne contrast.
This is where custom sewing pays off, any possible color combinations  and within 48 hours I ordered materials. As for the silhouette, I felt as if I had recalled it in a big 4 pattern and after combing the web I found it: Simplicity 2252.  Envisioning some super quick pattern modifications, loose the bodice fan add the drape sash and my brides desired dress was staring back at me.
To obtain the draped sash I merely draped on my dress form.

At this point I am off and running on the dresses, my living space is cluttered in the bridal colors. 
My deadline to complete construction is Monday and then I will begin final alterations just in time for next weekends wedding. Wish me luck! 


  1. Best of luck! I love this pattern, mainly because with a lot of adaptation, it became my senior prom dress. I'm remaking the original pattern this summer and I'm excited to see your products!

  2. Thank you Lisa. It is a good pattern so far very close to the cover art. Are you remaking it for an event?


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