June 19, 2013

Four Bridesmaids Simplicity 2252

Just under the wire, I finished my bridal emergency sewing project!
Two of the gowns will be leaving me today and tonight will be final fitting for the last gowns. After the fitting I will have 5 hours to add the last 2 zippers, hem the gowns and secure the inner bodices.
Let me show you how I made my inner bodices.
This is what they look like:

 The pattern, Simplicity 2252, provided the patterning for the lining pieces but their direction was to use a lining fabric, lightweight interfacing and featherweight boning encased into the seam allowances. I used a stable nude colored poly crepe fabric fused with a medium weight interfacing with rigilene boning. I do not think there was anything wrong necessarily wrong with Simplicity's instructions. I elected my route to guarantee stability and structure in the strapless gowns.
Each piece (all 24 boning pieces) of rigilene was capped with a scrap of the crepe fabric during construction.
This is the most important step in the application of rigilene it from unraveling and then shifting in the garment at the cut line (begining and end of the boning). It is a simple step that works like magic. When you place your rigilene piece where it is to be sewn fold a small rectangle scrap fabric over the cut edge of the boning and stitch as you would to apply the boning.

All this bridal sewing under pressure reminded me of my days working at David's Bridal in alterations and it turns out/... I really missed it. And yet for all the wedding attire, bridal gowns, decorations and other special occasion dresses I have had the pleasure of lending my hand in, I had never made made a garter?! Until now: 
 In my spare time (ha, jokes!) I whipped these garters for my bride based on her inspiration here


  1. Wow! You're amazing!

  2. They look beautiful!! LOVE the sash area!

  3. This came out beautifully! It gives me ideas for my next project.

  4. Wow, what a feat! Hope the wedding will be as amazing as the dresses that you made :-)


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