June 26, 2013

Simplicity 1699 and Buried Compliments

Today I wore Simplicity 1699 View A dress to work.
A woman approached me and asked if my dress was from a specific designer line our store carries. I humbly replied,  "No, I made this dress." Immediately The woman proceed to inquire more about the designer line and explain to me how much she loved a dress that she had previously purchased from the collection.
After our exchange I was perplexed. I am not sure if our exchange was a compliment to my dress or not. I am electing to take it as a compliment of the dress or at the very least of my ability to produce garments that could pass for fast fashion manufactured clothing.

Either way I enjoyed my stretch cotton dress which I made from scrap remnants of one of my beloved April Johnston fabrics. I altered my Simplicity pattern; I adjusted the raglan sleeve for broad shoulders as well as lengthened the sleeve. I found the high neckline to be bothersome at first but as the day went on I was alright with it. If I were to make it again I would indeed scoop out the neckline.
But I did also make the peplum top version with the collar. View B.
The top may prove to be a problem to wear with the high neck coupled with the collar. For the record one will only know how a garment wears when she actually gets around to wearing it and I am so guilty for sewing and never wearing. 

Also here is a random cute pic of me and my Mr. at a concert last week. 


  1. Hi Melody! You have made a pretty dress and the fabric is fabulous. I am not surprised that someone compliment about it:)
    I like the peplum top as well. Good job!

  2. So funny. She was clearly not listening to anyone but herself! cute dress :-)

  3. You are done a wonderful job. that is really creative and also pattern and fabrics.
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