July 31, 2013

Girl POP Butterick 5894

I am a lover of 1960's pop art; when I stumbled upon my fabric I thought the print was created in some polka dot Lichtenstein Warhol heaven. It is a shirting fabric; very light weight and semi sheer.

Needless to say I did not have a dress planned when making my fabric purchase. I was also reluctant to choose the pink over the green or vice versa. 

In the end I purchased a little bit of both and later decided to find a project where the two colored roses could live in harmony. When I found Butterick 5894 view B with the scalloped hem band the project fell into place.
My Solution for over coming the sheer factor was to line the dress in white cotton broadcloth. Which also added a bit of structure while still yielding a lovely breathable summer frock. 
 I made SO many pattern changes I had to remove 4 inches in length in total 2 inches above the waistline in the bodice and an additional 2 inches below the waist before the scalloped hem band. I had to adjust for square shoulders. And in retrospect I wish I had shaved down all of the joining seams of the skirt under the waistline to remove some of the bulk at my hip line in the dress.
I also elected to attach my scalloped hem band after I turned and flipped my dress lining as well has the hem. This is how my joining seam looked from the inside at the scallop:
By the end of my construction method of the pattern the only exposed seams inside my garment are the center back seam and the scalloped seam. And for finishing,  my edges are serged.

NOTE: I still do NOT understand my wireless remote timing and am very frustrated in my pics as you can see in my face. Maybe one of these days I will be able to take better pics. 

July 29, 2013

Cut Out Jacket Simplicity 1756

I kicked out a jacket from last year's Simplicity Cynthia Rowley collection. I intended to make View C, a blazer sans sleeves, but realizing that I would never even dream of wearing a sleeveless blazer I elected to construct view B. I was glad in the end as I love the sleeve patterning it is a typical menswear inspired 2-piece sleeve and it is the only part of this jacket pattern that is lined.
 Today I wore my jacket over my dress version of Simplicity 1872 as was done on the pattern envelope. The dress added some interest to the back cut outs of the jacket but the dress will officially be retired as I hate the bodice.

I am on the fence about the jacket, it was made from a 100% cotton distressed grey twill. I found the construction to be fun due to the cutouts and additional tailored elements (this is NOT a pattern for beginners). After 8 hours of wear my twill was wrinkled.
I used vintage buttons from my stash and elected to NOT make my cuffs functional just like men's RTW. 
 I hate hand sewing but somehow I suffered through a herringbone hem.

Side note: In lieu of my phone and 10-year old cameraman, I upgraded to a camera, tripod and wireless remote and still my pics are less than satisfactory. This is me getting angry at the remote and giving up as the camera snaps my irritation.
 I can pretty much sew anything so I'll stick to my strengths while muddling through the photographic evidence.

July 10, 2013

Rockabilly Graphic Halter Dress McCall's 6350

When I purchased McCall's pattern 6350 (OOP) in 2011, I had all intentions to create view A with the side drapes. A few years later when I have now actually gotten around to making the pattern, I am so happy that I did not make that that skirt variation. This variation is classic retro:
The skirt is a full circle skirt and I feel that the last thing it needs is and additional overlay with pooling fabric at the hips. The construction was fun; the bodice is boned and lined and has angled pleating at the bust. I would call it advanced beginner. I did not actually change all that much on the pattern, of course I shortened both the bodice and skirt. I also elected to make my halter strap stationary opposed to adding button attachments. In addition I added cups to the bust for ease of wear. 

My cameraman is a 10-year old who just snaps away at any given moment.
Sew... honestly does it take anyone else years to get around to constructing patterns or is it just me?

July 7, 2013

Polar Leopard Part Deux

This is the second lovely, obnoxious graphic polar leopard stretch woven cotton dress I have made!
I mentioned in the post about the polar leopard dress predecessor (here) that I had intentions to make other color blocked dresses and I did.
For this dress I used Butterick 5673 (OOP), Using two print variations of the cotton to create the color block. The white background print was the center front and back panel and the black background print was utilized as the side panels, waistband and sleeves.
The pattern calls for Moderate Stretch Knits Only, I elected to ignore this. I also chose to fully line my dress.  Typically making this choices I would have moved my zip to the center back as the zip was patterned as an under arm placket and the center back pieces are cut on the fold. I however did not want to loose the CB fold which in turn caused the dress to be a little bit hard to get out of , I will manage. 

July 5, 2013

A Year Too Late for the Shirt & Wrap Dress Sewalong Simplicity 1880

A little over a year ago A Fashionable Stitch announced The Shirt & Wrap Dress Sewalong to make Simplicity 1880. My little stitching heart wanted nothing more than to "Sew-Along" however at the time I was literally moving all my earthly possessions 500 miles across the United States. Needless to say the outcomes of the sew-along were exceptional and inspired the desire to push the pattern to my must construct list...finally.
For my money this pattern is all it was hyped up to be in sew-along and then some. It was fairly quick to sew, I did not run into any issues with the pieces and the fit was pretty spot on. I made my shirt dress in a grey polka dot printed black poly chiffon. It was fairly sheer so I fully lined the dress in a burgundy lining. I also used scrap grey cotton at the front and back yoke for some added interest. 

 I love the dress, it is summer weight and full of retro flair. 
And like most Project Runway patterns I could not make just one version. In May I wore my wrap dress version but never blogged about it.
My mock wrap version is just as cute as the shirt dress. I made it in a lace printed rayon. My only complaint is that my print was askew on the front wrap.
 Next time I will promise to take my time laying and cutting my pattern. And there very well could be another shirt or wrap dress, there are 4 additional variations in this pattern! 
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