July 29, 2013

Cut Out Jacket Simplicity 1756

I kicked out a jacket from last year's Simplicity Cynthia Rowley collection. I intended to make View C, a blazer sans sleeves, but realizing that I would never even dream of wearing a sleeveless blazer I elected to construct view B. I was glad in the end as I love the sleeve patterning it is a typical menswear inspired 2-piece sleeve and it is the only part of this jacket pattern that is lined.
 Today I wore my jacket over my dress version of Simplicity 1872 as was done on the pattern envelope. The dress added some interest to the back cut outs of the jacket but the dress will officially be retired as I hate the bodice.

I am on the fence about the jacket, it was made from a 100% cotton distressed grey twill. I found the construction to be fun due to the cutouts and additional tailored elements (this is NOT a pattern for beginners). After 8 hours of wear my twill was wrinkled.
I used vintage buttons from my stash and elected to NOT make my cuffs functional just like men's RTW. 
 I hate hand sewing but somehow I suffered through a herringbone hem.

Side note: In lieu of my phone and 10-year old cameraman, I upgraded to a camera, tripod and wireless remote and still my pics are less than satisfactory. This is me getting angry at the remote and giving up as the camera snaps my irritation.
 I can pretty much sew anything so I'll stick to my strengths while muddling through the photographic evidence.


  1. Ooh, I like the cut out detail at the back. I've only just tried a Cynthia Rowley pattern, I put a dress together on Sunday from one of her dress patterns and found it fairly straightforward, which was good as I was working to a tight deadline. As usual.

    1. Oh Char, I hope you made your sewing deadline! I always find myself sewing under the wire. I am a big fan of the Cynthia Rowley patterns that have a bit more design details than other Simplicity patterns but they are never overly complicated, it is a perfect balance. Thank you.


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