August 19, 2013

Copy Cat Cape Jacket Completed

I have finished my copy cat Victoria Beckham cape jacket.

My inspiration (source)
I have bored you ad nauseum about my pattern modifications here. Therefor all I will say is that the construction was a dream; aside from a bit too much hand sewing due to the fact that I could not bag the coat lining as the under portion of the armscye was exposed.
Main body of my cape jacket and outer "sleeves" - poly suiting from the stash 
Inner "sleeves" and upper collar - satin (source Fabric Mart
Under collar and lower front band and pockets - Satin twill (source Fabric Mart)
I added pockets

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  1. Good day, thank you so mch for this post.

    I am making a similar cape blazer using vogue 8958. Closing the lining is proving to be a nightmare. Do you by any chance have a video or instruction of how you did it?


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