August 8, 2013

Planning, Plotting and a Little Bit of Sewing

Have you ever you spent more time planning a project than actually constructing the project itself?
In a nutshell that is how my week is going. But not on one project but a total of 4 different projects.
Here is a run down of my current projects in the works:

1. Copy Cat Challenge 2
This project has the latest deadline at the moment (9/30/13) so I am only in my concept phase however I am really excited to get to work on it.

2. The Monthly Stitch Cape Challenge
I am knee deep in this project and I will tell you more soon. SO EXCITED for these challenges.

3.  A custom black blazer for a client.
this project has actually been a great learning experience for me. As you may have gathered I have NO patience for muslins. I tend not to make them except when sewing for others.
First Muslin: bust fits but way too big
To date, for this project I have made two. I am using a commercial pattern as a starting point, Simplicity 2446 but have altered the pattern to something completely custom as my client is petite and has an amazing bust to waist ratio.
True story: I have never performed a FBA on a pattern before. Being a stubborn seamstress I did not go out of my way to research I altered to logic. My bust fit but had to alter every other seam.
In my second Muslin I was able to contour to the body perfectly but lost the armseye.
Second Muslin, found bust and torso lost armseye. 
How did I accomplish this madness?! Well, I thought taking a gaping dart out of the armseye and removing some of the sleeve cape ease would produce my desired results. Wrong it only altered  ruined the shoulder fit.
Now moving on to my third try I elected to completely down size the original pattern and attempt a proper FBA.
FBA's are fun
I think the next muslin could actually be a wearable muslin.

4. Baby Birthday Onsie
I do not fancy myself a master at appliqué but when a client asked if I could create a birthday onsie for less than the absurd amounts charged for these in boutiques, I said yes. The cost $2.39 flocked letters + $1.50 quilting cotton and + $0.75 web fusing = $4.64 (the onsie was pre-owned).  
Although this project is now complete I would like to note that it took me longer to find the flocked letters than it did to draw the appliqué stencil, fuse and stitch the embellishment.

Also in my spare stitching time I have hemmed 2 trousers and replaced a zipper for other clients. At this point I really need  this upcoming (self involved) sewing challenges and can not wait to see all my planning and plotting pay off!


  1. Looks like a fun slate of sewing! I always spend at least twice as long planning projects as I do in front of the sewing machine. But at least it's better than the hours I've spent planning projects I may never sew!

    1. Isn't that the way it goes sometimes Lisa? So many plans... too little time! Keep on sewing!


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