September 16, 2013

Graphic Net McCall's 6647

Sunny day orbs
When I picked up the pattern I was drawn to the cute back cut outs in McCall's 6647. Turns out for real life wear the cut outs are impractical, well at least for my lifestyle. I had to wear a cami under the dress (in the event my jacket rode up exposing the lower cut out) and a jacket over the dress.
The dress is a graphic printed net fabric which needed to be lined. The lining is a light weight high shine satin in a neutral champagne color (from the stash) as the lining was not seen I just picked any old fabric I knew I would never use as a outer fabric.
 I made a few pattern changes. I added length to the hem (2 inches). I shortened the torso. and in lieu of buttons at the neckline back opening I used hooks and flat bars to secure the opening without being seen.
Upon finishing construction, I found that the cut out gaped at the back waistline I stitched  a channel between the lining and outer net fabric and then threaded 1/4" elastic to keep the skirt at the waistline. this crated a swayback effect at the cutout puckering the sides of the lower cutout but that is better than seeing my backside in the dress.
Cute worn topped with a moto jacket
I love the fabric and I think I can salvage additional wears by layering the dress over turtlenecks or long sleeved tees in the upcoming winter months (after I fix the swayback).  


  1. I really like your dress and think it will look great over top of turtleneck or similar.

    1. Thank you Sandra. Yes, it think it will transition well into fall with cute boots too!

  2. Isn't that awful when there's a style you love on the pages of a magazine, but when it comes to actually wearing it you just can't! That being said, this looks like a really lovely dress! The cami and turtleneck ideas seem like they would work well. Maybe a lace-backed or otherwise sheerish but still covering cardigan would be a good kind of half cover so that lovely back could be seen?

    1. Yes Lisa, garment fantasy vs. reality is beyond awful! I love the idea of a laced back cardigan, amazing idea I will be executing immediately, thank you!


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