October 24, 2013

Lovely Lady Layers Simplicity 1607

 The pattern is Simplicity 1607 Cynthia Rowley Collection view B.
The wearable dress is in a way accidental. I was experimenting. I wanted to test the pattern for fit in order to make view A and I also wanted to experiment with layering fabrics. While "sorting" the stash had the notion to layer the floral lace behind the floral chiffon for a textural effect. 
The layered end result and hidden side zipper
I liked the idea but the two fabrics were still too sheer, I took off the scrap bin and found a lilac stripe cotton for the contrast and lining with added structure plus a pink pongee for a sheer buffering interlining behind the lace. 
The pattern went together well although I made it harder on myself than it needed to be with all my layers. I forgot to add the upper back crossing tabs when constructing the neckline so I tacked them to the lining after construction was complete. 
Alterations to the pattern were limited which was shocking. I adjusted the strap length as well as shortened the bodice and the hem. 
Currently the midwest United States is blistering cold as you can see in my face when I am sans jacket. 
The myriad hems were fun. Not so much, way too many hems for one dress, why do I do this to myself?! 
For both the purple floral chiffon and pink pongee I used a narrow hem.
I decided to keep the raw edge of the lace and extend 2 inches past the hem past the upper layer.
And for the cotton lining (which was much shorter than the other layers as not to bee seen) I just roll hemmed via the overlocker.

After I was done with this version of the pattern, I set off to make view A.
Bodice done and then I hit a wall. The bodice was a fun challenge to construct but even after the same adjustments were made as on view B the bodice is fitting all kinds of wrong. I have to find a solution to adjust the fit to be able to get my tiny torso length and large dome head into the dress. I will keep you posted for now the dress and I have broke up, it is mutual.  

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  1. Oh, yes, YES!!! Floral lace layered over floral fabric. This adds such depth and really makes the dress look so couture and intricate. You should post a tutorial on how you did this as I've never sewn with lace before and have a Vogue pattern for a lace overlain dress.


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