January 17, 2014

Lady Hoodie in Boucle

The weather decided to warm slightly this week so I ran outside to photo my lady-like peplum hooded jacket.
The pattern is McCall's 6442; it is described as a lined, wrap coat, with a flared lower edge. But when I looked at the line drawing I saw a hoodie, a very posh hoodie, a hoodie for a lady.
I figured I need a fancy fabric for my lady like hoodie, when I found a plaid boucle in my stash I felt it would fit the bill. And for a tongue in cheek Little Red Riding Hood effect I found a vivid red 80's floral rayon lining. 
Inner garment view front 
Inner garment view Back
Inner garment view cuff
During the set-in sleeve construction I cheated. Opposed to setting in 4 sleeves I opted for the standard two and applied the outer sleeve and lining to the finished jacket in one fail swoop. To finish my seams I serged all layers together. 
I also added a buttoning belt with carriers. I did not have enough fabric to make the tie belt and I liked the idea of a fancy closure. Breaking all the rules changed the front closure direction for no other reason than the fact that I liked how the hood liked at the collar line. 

Because I was limited by the amount of yardage in my stash I was not overly particular about the plaid matching on this project. I did however manage to sync up the back bodice and belt!


  1. Cute. Cute. CUTE! Now I think I might make this!!!

  2. Wow, what a fun jacket! I am a sucker for peplums....and plaid! And hoods :D
    Thanks for bringing this pattern to my attention, maybe it could be my first go at making a jacket?

  3. wow, Melody, this is gorgeous! I love the peplum and big collared hood. And, sewing it in plaid!? I never would have opted for that, and it looks so terrific. And, lining in red is a definite yes.

  4. The boucle with that red lining-- gorgeous!!!! I love your belt, too! What a great look!

  5. It is absolutely lovely. I love the plaid.

  6. I love this pattern! I made it back in November and it looks very similar, only shorter! Great minds think alike. haha

  7. This is such a cute hoodie/coat on you. I love your fabric choice!

  8. Amazing!!! I have this pattern and am new. Did you put an underlining in it?


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