January 25, 2014

Striped Dress in Navy Butterick 5453

Obviously I am currently sewing another theme: Stripes. I am digging them in this instant satisfaction project. Butterick 5453 (OOP). The pattern was a speedy sewing project even with my addition of a hem band and sleeve bands. The bands are merely rectangles cut the length of the hem and sleeve openings; folded back on them selves and then attached to the dress.
The neckline darts on the upper shoulders coupled with the raglan sleeve (that view C offered) is what drew me to this project. My typical shoulder adjustment for a set in sleeves could be avoided in this dress design, I could have adjusted the shoulder width but it would have been a 3/8" adjustment and my main goal in this project was to complete something stead fast from the stash and feel sewn satisfied. 
The contrast banding was not added exclusively for color effect, I did not have enough yardage. The navy is a stripe cotton stretch suiting, 2 yards which I found in the stash. Can not make the dress in one fabric, just add another fabric right? I scoured the scrap box and found a solid white cotton twill. The white contrast fabric has a surface texture in an Aztec design (1980's vintage scraps), it really does not show up in the photos and you have to get really close to the dress to see the variance but it is the right amount of quirky that really makes me enjoy wearing the otherwise traditional dress. 
As a rule I tend not to wear white, I am a sloppy lady, I spill diet soda or coffee on myself on a semi-regular basis. For some reason I thought I could get away with the white accents on this dress. Wrong. Prior to this impromptu library photo shoot I had dinner at Szechuan House and when I arrived home I noticed that I had dribbled udon noodle sauce on the dress!? I am the kinda lady that can wreck a frock within an hour. Thank goodness it did not show up in the photos also I got the stain out. 
Bad thing about instant satisfaction projects, I get super lazy and oblivious to problem areas. Now I can see that I really need to get back in there and contour those bust dart points for future wear or... I need to invest in a bullet bra.

Inner garment view front and back


  1. Love the dress! The contrast bands take it up a level.

  2. A very classic and classy dress. Do love the bands as it finishes the look of the dress.

  3. It is so pretty! I hope the sauce stain comes out :)

  4. Very smart looking dress, and the fabric really suits the style.
    I'm glad the noodle sauce came out :). I'm a messy eater too - to the point where i now wear an apron at home when I'm eating food that stains!

  5. That is a beautiful instant gratification project indeed. I actually really like the white contrast bands, I think it just added that break in the stripe. Great Dress :-)

  6. This is a pretty dress. The colors are smart, and it looks so chic. And the inside of it....beautiful!!

  7. Lovely dress and like the white accent bands.

  8. Gorgeous dress ... The contrast band really makes it 'sing'.

  9. Tooo critical my friend...I didn't notice those darts until you said something. And I'm so thrilled to see that you took some pics inside cause it's kinda cold out there. *smile* Great dress, great instant satisfaction, and I love what your scrap box yields up!


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