February 10, 2014

Qurirky Top You're the One That I Want

Over at Mood Fabrics I fell for this black animal print flocked taffeta. Taffeta...it is what all my vintage loving swishing swirly skirted dreams are made of, however I felt this taffeta with the flocked animal print walked on the wilder side. And when I ran across the Burda Pleated Peplum Top (11/2012 #120) I envisioned a modern quirky nod to Sandy from Grease. 

When laying out my pattern I made sure the fabrics flocking complimented the design I striped the center front with the print as well as the sleeves. I also  adjusted the peplum with its inverted pleats to also show off the flocked print and maintain less pile in the inverted areas to avoid any excess midsection bulk. 
I have not sewn a lot of Burda patterns. I have purchased a few magazines over the years only to realize I never possessed the patience to trace the patterns. Therefor I was in unfamiliar territory with the fit. A wise woman would have made a muslin...I am not that wise, I just wanted to sew my luscious fabric. 
Pattern Adjustments - I had to shorten my torso length by an inch and completed a square shoulder adjustment. I also measured the shoulder length and was astounded to realize that I did not have to widen the shoulder. So I also assumed I did not need to adjust for broad back, I was proven wrong. It's a touch too snug in the shoulders for my liking; for future makes I will adjust this oversight. Oh well, I still love this funky flocked fabric top and will rock it.  
I fully lined my peplum top in a deep purple lining. The lining also allows me to turn up the sleeves and form contrast cuffs for a less formal look. 
Inner Garment View: 
The only shot with the shoes! 


  1. You're right, you DO rock it ;) Great print placement too, it looks very pro!

  2. Love this. Nice fabric, great length on you, and I love where the empire waist seam hits, too. Congrats.

  3. Great top, I just love the fabric!

  4. Fabulous!!!

    I just picked up this copy of the magazine from my library. Lots of goodies in there!!!

  5. Yes... this is sharp looking!! Love it!

  6. Love this! What a great match of pattern and print!

  7. Wow, just found your blog via http://sewingfantaticdiary.blogspot.ca/, who lists you as one of her favorites. I can see why! That top is awesome and flatters your figure so much! Love you style!

  8. You look great in that. I totally get the grease reference.


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