March 14, 2014

Black and Blue Mixed Modern Separates

I'm interrupting my vintage sewing romp for a few finished modern pieces.
First my uber easy ponte blue knit dress. The pattern is McCall's 6395(OOP) and is designed for double knits. View B is intended to have a short back neck exposed zipper as well as exposed zippers at the cuffs however I wanted an instant gratification project and my ponte knit had plenty of stretch so I decided any effort of adding the zippers was pointless. 
Pattern modifications: square shoulder adjustment. This pattern had plenty of ease so my standard broad back adjustment was unnecessary. 
Among my favorite things are hem bands in knit dresses. The hem band always adds just the right amount of weight to hold the dress in place. 
Now on to my dress vest; pattern McCall's Fashion Star 6847. Fitted, lined vest has bands, seam detail, flaps, back slit, and front button closing. Purchased appliques.
I did not have any purchased appliques and then was uninspired but all that I found while notions shopping. So I toyed with the idea of making the vest with plain front side flaps until I found a blue knit shirt in my closet with studded trim.
The studs were glued to the knit in order to upcycle the shirt I had to cut and divide the trim for each side flap which was slightly problematic because I had limited blue knit fabric to turn back for a clean finished trim. 
I first stitched the trim by hand on to the outer flap cut pieces. Then I assembled the side flaps and assembled the outer body of the vest then the flaps were attached to the garment body prior to adding the vest lining.
It was a process but even with all the hand stitching I do not believe the vest looks too "Becky Home Ecky."
I enjoyed the construction on this vest pattern, it was a slight break for the typical unit construction. The arms must be sewn and under stitched prior to stitching the shoulder seams. 
 After which the neck/front band is added creating a clean finish. I do love my clean finishes.
INSTRUCTION SHEET ERROR: Step 28 will never work as written. You CAN NOT stitch leaving an opening for your inseam buttonhole then enclose the SA in the band. This makes not a hole in which a button will fit go through. 
You must stitch the fashion fabric and lining together (RST) the length of the button.
Turn it right side out and a notch withing the SA where the inseam button hole happens is apparent. Then the band can be added leaving the opening for a button. 
 The back seaming is pretty cool. Plus there is a center back lower vent but I did not get a good pic of that.
Pattern Modifications: Broad back, wide and square shoulder adjustments. I had to shorten the torso length too. 
 Fabrics: Black stretch cotton sateen and lining.
 I can not wear it buttoned, it over powers my frame.


  1. Love blue & black together!! Cute dress and vest and great catch on the pattern error. It's frustrating when things are written up incorrectly.

  2. Love that color combination and the style of the dress.

  3. Great outfit! I love the dress- that hem band sets it off just right. The vest is fabulous, too!

  4. Perfect appliqu├ęs to tie this outfit together! Love the blue and black together!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Very pretty outfit and perfect color combination. You look stunning in it :)

  7. So very the tights.

  8. Two of my favorite colors together and where did you get those tights? They are perfect for the dress!


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