March 17, 2014

Emerald Polka Dots and Bows Butterick Retro 5748

Just in time for the "holiday" that demands wearing green, I finished my Butterick Retro 5748
I have attempted quite a few of the Butterick Retro patterns, and this pattern in the series would be best for beginners. The biggest challenge is getting the bias skirt hemmed evenly.
It is a lined dress that has close-fitting bodice, flared skirt, side zipper and very narrow hem.
I made View A with front and back neckline notches and bows attached. 
My fabric is a linen with tonal polka dots. I did not have a non clashing green in my stash so contrasting raspberry lining had to do! 

The pattern is sleeveless but I adapted it and added sleeves. My sleeve pattern is the bones of Butterick 5745, I had previously used it in my pinstripe dress where I widened the sleeve width and added a band. I choose this sleeve because I love the top shoulder dart and it is kind to my broad shoulders. I adjusted the sleeve pattern: I added length and tapered to contour the arm  I felt it mimicked the dress bodice design being tighter and with the dart. 
If you wanted to add a sleeve to this pattern it is fairly easy. The armscye is properly positioned at the shoulder. I recommend that you first walk your chosen sleeve pattern with the bodice armscye ensuring that the sleeve ease is not in excess. 
Walk the Pattern - After adjustments are made to pattern pieces, line up adjacent pattern pieces to ensure that the pattern pieces align, you are verifying that the seams will join during the sewn construction process. 
If you find that the sleeve hangs far beyond the armscye you will need to remove the excess ease of the sleevecap or enlarge the armscye on the bodice
I did not run into any issues setting in my sleeves after I stitched the upper sleeve dart and eased the sleeve cap they fit into the armscye like a glove.
I hand tacked my placket zipper.
 Pattern Modifications: shorten bodice, square shoulder adjustment, broad back adjustment,  swayback (note: In retrospect I wish I had taken more out in the swayback)
 Inner garment front view of the full lining.


  1. OK I'm a total fan girl. Your sewing is amazing -- was afraid with the quiet of last week that maybe you got busy with other things but no. You got busy sewing more amazing, incredible apparel. Wow!

    1. Thank you! Commonly when I am quiet... I am sewing like a crazy mad woman!

  2. Another gorgeous dress, such pretty fabric and I can't believe it is linen.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. A gorgeous dress. You look fabulous. You are such a clever girl.

  5. Very pretty dress and fabric. Love the raspberry lining and the bows are too cute:)

  6. Love the lining you added. The dress fits you so well.

  7. Lovely. The contrast lining is great! This pattern was my first proper sewing project!

  8. It's a pretty dress but the lining, ohmygoodness the lining makes my heart sing! *smile*

  9. Great idea to add contrasting lining. The bow in back is my favorite aspect on this dress that is full of great details.

  10. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!! Not that I haven't loved your other beautiful creations. The color and the tonal polka dots just set it off--wow, the lining, neckline, bows...OMGoodness.

  11. Oh my! This dress is fabulous and it looks gorgeous on you! I am utterly in love with your fabric! Green polka dots? Match made in heaven!

  12. Very pretty!! I love the little bows especially!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this dress! I think the added sleeves are perfect, too. I love a circle skirt, too, but also hate the hemming. The fabric always stretches so wonky and then to get a smooth curved hem! I've been temped to send my dresses out to a seamstress and PAY them to do that part!

  14. So pretty! I especially love the notched neckline!

  15. What a gorgeous dress. And the fabric you used for lining it... gives that kind of peek-a-boo flash of color when the skirt of the dress moves... I love it!

  16. this dress is fantastic! that fabric? i mean, WOW! what a beautiful lining choice, too. thanks for the quick tip on adding sleeves. i will file that away.

    -dani e


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