April 14, 2014

Sew Sexy Modern Wiggle Dress

Sexy is not what I typically strive for in my everyday appearance, however I like most other women have my sexy days and then... my NOT so sexy days. That being said, what is more sexy than gals that can make their own garments? I say not much, but I might be biased. And yet I am not alone, the Sew Sexy Sew-Along was cooked up just to further prove this fact. 

My least sexy days are when I am self-conscious of overly exposed areas so in an effort to be true to personal sexy sewing I opted for a modern take on a wiggle dress. The pattern is Butterick 5383 (OOP)
My fabrics are a mustard stretch satin base with a dotted netting overlay, both from the stash. The netting is reminiscent of sheer stockings and those are rarely voted unsexy. For each cut piece the netting overlay was basted to the mustard backer fabric. This allowed me to treat the 2 fabrics as one and simply construct the pattern without lining, to finish the raw edges the seams were serged together.
Inner garment view:

I adapted the pattern for less form fitting skirt per my personal comfort level, which was in turn unkind to the front midsection ruching I may go back and remove some extra width and tighten up those gathers, TBD.
I executed my standard modifications, broad back and square shoulder.
The pattern had a lovely contrast double V collar band which played rather nicely with my strong, broad shoulders. For the contrast I used a solid black stretch sateen. Now that is a sexy fabric if there ever was one; it stitches and presses like sexy magic. 
I also added sleeves again for my personal comfort. To add a touch of  sexiness to the sleeve I added a self drafted  sleeve band in  the stretch sateen I made the sleeve bands with points to play off the V-neck line. 

April 1, 2014

Joan in Shocking Pink Mad Men Dress Challenge 3

Here I am with a bit of wiggle in my walk; my version of Joan's shocking pink dress. 
The fabric is a pink and black floral rose jacquard from Fabric Mart. Pink is almost gone but there are currently myriad additional rose colors or other beautiful jacquard options
After much personal debate, pondering over belt and cuff outcomes, I stumbled upon jewelry beading to achieve the look. I drafted a simple belt of self fabric and heavy interfacing which was finished with a gem cluster, re-purposed from a broken necklace, to pose as a buckle. The actual belt closure is a whopper popper snap
To create the adorned cuff look, bracelet linked gems were used.  By a twist of fate they happened to match the belt buckle gems adequately! The bracelets were procured from a local craft store and stitched directly to the shocking pink cuffs. While stitching the cuffs I was struck by a novel idea. If the cuffs were created to be removable, I could get two looks for the price of one! 
Therefor by switching out my belt and unsnapping my cuffs my gussied up cocktail dress transforms into a daytime ready look. I used grosgrain ribbon to bind the raw edge of the cuffs and attached snaps to the cuffs and corresponding sleeve facing.
As it turned out this novel idea involved a slew of dreaded hand stitching.

Due to the color variance between my chosen fabric and the inspiration piece, I also elected to inverse the piping color. 
The neckline piping was mirrored on the sleeve hem to give my daytime version additional design detail. 
In addition to the aforementioned hand stitching I also elected to add a hand picked lapped placket zipper.
Shout out to Sew Little Time who called me on two belts to change up the look. Great minds think alike! I cut a solid pink belt with a bow from the shocking pink contrast but while constructing it I felt it looked too juvenile and took away from the glam factor of the rose fabric. I found this manufactured wide black bow belt in my closet and felt it would fit the bill. 
I do not know if I can honestly convey the sex appeal of Joan and unlike her character I like to breath in my dresses without popping seams none the less I was thoroughly inspired by the look. 
I adore how the iridescence of the fabric shimmers in the sunlight.
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