September 1, 2014

Remake Project: Swapping Sleeves

I purchased this double knit dress six years ago and managed to only wear it once. I liked the body of the dress with a scrappy bow adornment but did not like one minute of the sleeves. 
The manufactured sleeve was short and voluminous; we all know I prefer a longer length sleeve. Recently I got a wild hair and removed the sleeves. I drafted a new sleeve from my favorite sleeve pattern Butterick 5745. The dart in the sleeve head at the shoulder is what makes this my favorite sleeve pattern. 
Butterick 5745 sleeve pattern is a short sleeve which I lengthened out to a 3/4 length and then added a cuff band. I cut my new sleeves from scraps of my beloved black ponte knit although the knit from body of the original dress is not the same as my ponte  I felt they blended well enough.
After minimal effort I have a new to me garment that I will actually wear. Do you ever change parts of purchased clothing to your liking? 


  1. I haven't ever changed parts of my clothing to my liking, but seeing how fabulous yours turned out, it makes me want to!!

  2. I love it Melody! And that scrappy bow is UH-dorable! Glad you enjoy wearing it now. ;-)

  3. The bow is adorable. Great make!


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